Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your replies.
I understand that what I want is, in LilyPond, impossible by regular means, 
and/or unusual if realized by a weird trick, moving a note-head to the wrong 
side of the stem. That would be rather ugly, I think.

Still, what I want to do is not my idea. To illustrate what I'm talking about I 
will have to include two more screenshots from serious publications.

     and . 
Different works from the same composer.
Does it look wrong or repulsive? 
Would it really be impossible to realize it in LilyPond? 
Btw, I just see another posible dirty trick to realize it. 

Thanks anyway,

Best regards,

Robert Blackstone
On 9 Feb 2018, at 13:29 , Andrew Bernard <andrew.bern...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> It would be unusual to glue stems together as you are suggesting, if I 
> understand what you want correctly. To use the crossStaff construct the stems 
> have to be in the same direction. No negotiation. :-) 
> If you really wanted to insist, there are examples of how to move individual 
> noteheads in chords from one side of a stem to another on LSR, but I can't 
> say that this would result on notation in this example that players would be 
> expecting or comfortable with. My principal aim in engraving is to increase 
> clarity, and I fell that non standard constructs reduce clarity and make the 
> music slower to read.
> Andrew

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