Hi Mark,

> Is there a way of adding a front page with graphics, title etc to a
> Lilypond book, with the numbering starting at 1 on the first other
> book page?

Yes. You can use bookparts to manage this inside Lilypond.

If you're willing to use more than Lilypond, there are several excellent 
options. I personally use a LaTeX template, which imports the Lilypond 
books/scores where appropriate — this gives me excellent typesetting (much 
better than Lilypond offers), while still letting Lilypond do her wonderful 
thing on the music engraving. But that kind of thing may be too much for your 

Hope this helps!

Kieren MacMillan, composer
‣ website: www.kierenmacmillan.info
‣ email: i...@kierenmacmillan.info

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