I'm writing some music snippets for a friend that is creating a music text
book, and they want to have and example in which a single musical line
shows three notes: one below the line, one on the line and one above it.

I managed to write almost what they want, except that would be nicer that
the notes were horizontally centered. Lilypond automatically engraves notes
a little bit to the left so that notes more or less reflect their duration,
and I'm having trouble finding a way to override that to have the desired

music = \relative {
 e'2 f g

\new Staff {
\time 3/2
\clef "baritone^8" \music

\context {
  \override Clef.stencil = ##f
  \override ClefModifier.stencil = ##f
  \override Stem.stencil = ##f
  \override TimeSignature.stencil = ##f
  \override BarLine.stencil = ##f
  \override StaffSymbol.line-positions = #'(0)
ragged-last = ##f

I tried proportional notation overrides and even found that multimeasure
rests (which are engraved in the center of the measure) have an attribute
called spacing-pair, so calling \override MultiMeasureRest.spacing-pair =
#'(staff-bar . staff-bar) for instance would align them to the center of
the measure ignoring clefs, time signatures and so on... but this property
is no applicable to note heads...

Any help?
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