> It's not optimal, since I have to judge the "centralization" by eye, but
> at least I can get a satisfactory output.

Well, now that I tried another example with 5 notes that method didn't
work. The solution was to use \override NoteColumn.X-offset. It is a bit
strange that there is no method (that I know of) to write centralized
notes, since it is a relatively common thing in 18th century engravings.
See, for instance this engraving of Beethoven's String Quartet N. 1

music = \relative {
    \override NoteColumn.X-offset = #'8.3
  c'2 d e f g

\score {
    \new Staff {
      \time 5/2
      \clef "baritone^8" \music
    \context {
      \omit Clef
      \omit ClefModifier
      \omit Stem
      \omit TimeSignature
      \omit BarLine
      \override StaffSymbol.line-positions = #'(-2 0)
    ragged-last = ##f
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