I want to engrave a fermata over a tremolo. What's the correct way of 
displaying this? I've looked on various fora and the consensus seems to be that 
the fermata sign should be midway between the notes. 

The first two parts of the snippet below put it at the beginning or the end. 
The third one is is a bit better, but is still too far to the right. The 4th 
one is sort of OK, but a bit far to the left.

Is there a better way of aligning the fermata?

\version "2.19.52"

\language "english"

\repeat tremolo 16 {c'32\fermata c''} 
\repeat tremolo 16 {c'32 c''\fermata} 
  { s2 s2^\markup { \fermata }}
 {   \repeat tremolo 16 {c'32 c''} }
  { s4 s2.^\markup { \fermata }}
 {   \repeat tremolo 16 {c'32 c''} }



Oops sorry - forgot to include the snippet.
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