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> Hi Gregrs,
> > In case it's useful to anyone, I've just created a template for> 
> > typesetting psalms with Anglican chant using LilyPond, LaTeX and GNU
> Make.> > https://github.com/gregrs-uk/anglican-chant-template
> Looks nice.
> However this is possible with lilypond alone.
> Find below links to the anglican chants I've created so far. The macros
> involved have been created with decisive help from Harm (well, he
> basically did all the scheme magic) and a member of the german Lilypond
> Group, whose name I currently seem to be unable to dig out.
> I have started to write an entry for Urs's lilypond blog about this but
> got distracted...hope to do it one day though.
> Anyway, here are the links. I'm happy to answer questions w/r to it's use.
> http://qata.de/upload/psalms.zip

One of the differences with the way I do psalms is that I make more of
the pointing characters into mnemonic "active" characters:
% * for a breath.
% | for a barline.
% ¬ for a double barline.
% _ for a dot.
% † for a (posh) dagger.
% ¶ for a paragraph mark (looks after the spacing for \P).
(Using ¬ (not) for a double barline is because they're printed where's
there's  not  a break at the half-verse.)
Obviously I have shortcuts like AltGr-P for these characters. (¬ is
on GB keybords.)

Attached is source with its PDF to give you the idea. The
transposition of the second chant is automatically done by a python
preprocessor that spots the @ in the source. (Sorry I don't have
permission to publish that chant.)

(I'm happy to answer questions w/r to it's use.)

\catcode`*=13 % asterisk for a breath


\catcode`|=13 % vertical bar for a barline

\catcode`¬=13 % negate for a double barline

\catcode`_=13 % underscore for a centred dot

\catcode`†=13 % dagger for a posher dagger

\catcode`¶=13 % paragraph mark for a paragraph mark (needs math for filled P)

\catcode`♭=13 % flat for a posher flat

\catcode`♮=13 % natural for a posher natural

\catcode`♯=13 % sharp for a posher sharp

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\yearsundaypsalmchant{}{Good Friday}{Psalm 31 vv 1, 6, 13–14, 16–18 \& 27}{../chants/d-garrett-fminor}{}


\VA{\mp}{1.} In thee O Lord have I | put my | trust :

\VB{} let me never be put to confusion, *\\
 de- | liver _ me | in thy | righteousness.

\VA{}{6.} Into thy hands I com- | mend my | spirit :

\VB{} for thou hast redeem’d me, O | Lord thou | God of | truth.

\VP{}{13.} I became a reproof among all mine enemies, * but especially\\
 a- | mong my | neighbours :

\VB{} and they of mine acquaintance were afraid of me; * and\\
 they that did see me with- | out con- | vey’d them-selves | from me.

\VA{}{14.} I am clean forgotten, as a dead man | out of | mind :

\VB{} I am be- | come _ like a | bro-ken | vessel.


\VP{\mf}{16.} But my hope hath been in | thee, O | \textit{Lord} :

\VB{} I have said, | Thou — | art my | God.

\VA{}{17.} My time is | in thy | \textit{hand} :

\VB{} deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, * | and from |\\
 them that | persecute me.

\VP{}{18.} Shew thy servant the | light of _ thy | counten-ance :

\VB{} and | save me _ for thy | mer-cy’s | sake.

\VA{}{27.} Be strong, and he shall es- | tablish _ your | \textit{heart} :

\VB{} all ye that | put your | trust _ in the | Lord.

\version "2.19.32"
%% key f minor, source http://www.anglicanchant.nl/listings/list2729.html 
midi/midi15/15102.mid (corrected alto, no Picardy third)
%%% a c f f e d c b a gs a a a a a gs a a gs a
leftside = ""
rightside = "George Mursell Garrett (1834–1897)"
\include "Psalmbits.lily"

keysig = { \key f \minor }

Atreble = \relative {
  f'1 af2 df df1
  c1 bf2 af g f e1

Btreble = \relative {
  f'1 f2 f f1
  f1 e2 f f e f1

Aalto = \relative {
  c'1 f2 af g1
  gf1 f2 f df df c1

Balto = \relative {
  c'1 c2 a bf1
  b1 c2 df c c c1

Atenor = \relative {
  af1 c2 af bf1
  ef1 df2 df df bf g1

Btenor = \relative {
  af1 a2 c bf1
  f1 g2 af g g af1

Abass = \relative {
  f1 f2 f ef1
  af,1 df2 df bf bf c1

Bbass = \relative {
  f1 ef2 ef d1
  df1 c2 bf c c f1

\include "Doublechant.lily"
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