Lucas Werkmeister <> writes:

> Hi!
> Andrew, attached you’ll find a photograph of the score I’m trying to
> reproduce (please excuse the quality) and a screenshot of what Lilypond
> produces.
> David, apologies – I’m not very familiar with the difference between cue
> and regular clefs, but at least visually, the clefs in the original
> score look more like cues than regular ones to me. (Please see the
> photograph as well.)

The difference is not a question of visuals but of semantics.  Cue clefs
are for _cues_, material from other instruments quoted as reference.
They don't override the regular clef.

> It’s quite possible that the original score is simply incorrect in its
> use of clefs here – the publisher seems to have been obscure in its day
> already.

I don't see much of a difference here, and of course you can reduce the
size of non-cue clefs further.  It just would be a bad idea to do so,
but then LilyPond will usually also make it possible to cater to bad

David Kastrup

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