On 03.03.2018 02:06, Andrew Bernard wrote:
> Try this:
> \override Clef.font-size = #-3
> Adjust size to taste.
> Well worth spending the time to read and digest the material in the
> Internals section of the documentation. Look up Clef in the 'All
> layout objects' section, and then look at the bottom to see all the
> interfaces Clef implements, and you will find everything you need. By
> the way, the clef-interface supports the property full-size-change
> which is also useful.
> Andrew

Thanks! \once \override Staff.Clef.font-size = #-1 for the bass clef and
the same with -2 for the violin clef seems to match the original score
best. Not sure if Staff is the most appropriate context to use, but it
seems to work (default context doesn’t) and in combination with the
\once it doesn’t mess up anything else. But I’m still learning, perhaps
I’ll discover a better way :)


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