On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 7:01 PM, Simon Albrecht <simon.albre...@mail.de> wrote:
> There is no reason whatsoever for any fancy words. It’s just a dotted note
> with the dot written at the rhythmic position where it actually happens.
> I’ve never seen any realisation of this in LilyPond – would be good to have
> an LSR snippet.
> Semantically it would call for an override on the dot.

Thanks for your reply, Simon. Oh! So, it's just a simple dot.... only
that it's written in a way that would break the "normal" rules about
how to use it (it wouldn't fit on the previous bar so a tie to a 8th
note starting the bar is what I would have written) and that's why I
didn't think of it as a dot on the previous f.

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