Again, thank you for your direction/advice.


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On Sun 11 Mar 2018 at 12:40:35 (-0700), Mark Stephen Mrotek wrote:
> David,
> Your continued effort to address my inquiry is uncommon. Many more 
> esoteric and arcane matters appear on the list with multiple, and 
> often contentious, responses. Yet you are the only one to respond to 
> this simple inquiry and then it is not posted on the list.

The convention on this list appears to be
 to: a person
 cc: the list
so that's what I do. My response is on the list, but some mail systems do
various things like:
 . deliver only one copy of messages (which could explain your case,
   where you received just the personal copy),  . refuse to deliver messages
they recognise as coming from the sender
   (which can lead people to keep reposting a message to a list
   because they think it never arrives).

> Thank you for your kind attention.
> Your courtesy (your snippet is in my repository!) restricts any 
> further comment. Suffice it to say that I have found a simple 
> alternative: put the opus number in the "arranger" field.

Fair enough. There are two things to watch out for:

. the headings are left/right paired, so you can get gaps below them.
  (I use this as a positive feature with Anglican chants, using opus
  for the composer and meter for any necessary annotation, thereby
  ensuring that the composer is close-set and a lengthy annotation
  will not collide with it.)

. There are LP headers that find their way into the PDF metadata, and
  they might end up mislabelled there. Not a worry for most people,
  and there are probably ways to edit such metadata anyway.


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