Jan-Peter Voigt <jp.vo...@gmx.de> writes:

> Hi Stefano,
> I have been looking into the issue and created a branch
> 'refactor-override' for the edition-engraver.
> The following is changed in there:
> * Overrides are not applied "by hand" but send as a StreamEvent so
> that once is handled by lily and not the EE
> * Override (and Revert, Set, Unset) sent by the EE are marked so that
> they can be distinguished from other overrides
> That means once-overrides are note reverted wrong anymore and the EE
> gives a warning if an overrides supersedes/overwrites an EE mod. This
> is still not completely satisfactory when the EE shall override all
> other settings. But at least it doesn't revert wrong.
> If this branch is tested more thoroughly I will merge it into master.
> Now I am looking for a way to let the EE be the last broadcaster so
> that it will not be overridden by overrides sent from the actual music
> stream.

How do you trigger the EE?  Overrides from the music stream are sent by
the iterators.  That's after start-translation-timestep and before

David Kastrup

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