Hi David,

>> Is there any technical reason not to make *every* markup function work
>> like this?
> There are markup commands and event functions and they are in different
> name spaces.

Sorry for pushing for more clarity/understanding, but: is it [in terms of 
behaviour] that the event-function version of the function simply provides a 
"wrapper" for the markup-function version (thus saving the \markup, but doing 
nothing else), or does either version have additional pros and/or cons (e.g., 
more/less expensive, more/less prone to problems, etc.). 

> We don't prescripe how people are going to use markups.

That's probably a good thing! =)

But since \cue is both clearer (more immediately obvious) and cleaner (less 
typing) than \markup \cue, I'm trying to determine if there’s any downside to 
modifying my entire library with define-markup-function --> 
define-event-function (besides the search-and-replace migration effort on 
legacy scores, obviously).

Thanks again!

Kieren MacMillan, composer
‣ website: www.kierenmacmillan.info
‣ email: i...@kierenmacmillan.info

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