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> * Andrew Bernard, [06/04/18 04:35]:
>> If you need to find a proper fonts, I'd be very happy to assist you to
>> locate something that is similar to the one you have to work with. Can you
>> convince the customer to use something better?
> Thanks Andrew. This is actually for my daughter, who is writing the
> books for a music academy where she works as a music teacher. My
> daughter learned LilyPond from me when she was studying, since she was
> very young, and now she never stops astonishing her bosses with the
> speed and beauty that she can produce with LilyPond. There are other
> people using other music engraving software there, and she has beat
> them all. Now she produces the books for music language and all
> instruments, they all have given up, especially because of how fast
> she can produce beautiful scores for individual instruments or
> assemblies. But this is off topic, I guess.

We need more off topic postings then.

David Kastrup

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