Walter Garcia-Fontes <> writes:

> * Simon Albrecht, [06/04/18 10:53]:
>> Why not use a similar, but better, font without telling them? Maybe
>> they won’t notice, or if they will, maybe it will be a positive
>> reaction, or if not, you have good arguments at hand for telling them
>> why your alternative is better, in terms of professional typography.
> Believe me, I tried. Some of you may know how stubborn some people may
> be, even if they have something better in front of their noses.

I've already encountered the situation that I had a prescribed style
sheet calling for Arial fonts and the sample sheets from a previous
publisher clearly showed Helvetica (quite easier to achieve with a
TeX-based workflow so I was quite relieved).

It may be that the "prescribed" music font here similarly is a
same-purpose clone of something saner in which case a replacement will
quite likely go unnoticed anyway.

David Kastrup

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