Am 6. April 2018 12:51:07 MESZ schrieb foxfanfare <>:
>All right! Thank you for all your encouraging comments. So I'll
>continue my
>efforts in learning this awesome but complex software. I have two weeks
>vacations coming on, so more time to figure it out!
>Unfortunately, I have to start learning with this kind of piano piece
>because 95% of my work are made for advanced pianists...
>BTW, does anyone have the answer to my question about this slur problem
>I just want to know if this kind of issue needs to be controled by a
>command or if it needs something else I didn't know?

I'm afraid you just got a spot where LilyPond's default decisions are not 

Before using \shape I would experiment with changing the slur defaults. For 
example I could imagine they work better when they are higher and more rounded.
Unfortunately I can't say right now (I'm not at home) what the properties are 
that you should look for.

Good luck

>Anyway, it's really awesome to see such a community like this... Thank
>very much!
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