Mark Stephen Mrotek wrote
> Urs,
> The link provided is nothing like the Chopin Etude #23, Op. 25 No 11 in my
> Paderewski edition.
> Hofstadter in his book "Goedel, Escher, Bach: The Golden Braid" offers a
> mathematical/contrapuntal analysis.
> Mark

Because it's Godowsky :-) 53 Studies on Chopin's Etudes ~ 42

I truely love this book... I have two volumes on paper and it is very
inspiring for my work! 
Actually, almost every etudes could be an engraving challenge... 
And I must admit that the LP result is awesome even if it lacks some
I read the code but can't understand yet the scheme code yet...

The original engraver should have earn an engraving oscar... (if it existed)

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