On 4/10/2018 5:08 PM, Menu Jacques wrote:
Hello folks,

String instruments sometimes use scordaturas: I’ve wondered how this is noted 
in modern scores, but couldn't find examples on the Internet.

Can anyone give pointers to actual scores showing that?



Although I don't use these tunings, a lot of composers use scordatura and I think many of them just include details about the tuning and setup in the program notes / performance notes.

The actual notation /should/ be fairly straightforward once that much has been explained to the performers, but there are exceptions in more extreme situations. :) There might also be a little 'legend' showing the notes and how they relate to the tuned 'played' (fretted) notes and so forth as well.

Hope this helps!

PS. If you want some examples specifically in LilyPond, I believe Trevor Baca uses scordatura in several pieces - check out his GitHub if you'd like to see the scores and source code.

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