On 14 April 2018 at 15:46, David Kastrup <d...@gnu.org> wrote:

> Gianmaria Lari <gianmarial...@gmail.com> writes:
> > I found a not nice solution but something that work....:
> >
> > \version "2.19.81"
> > var = {a \tag #'herea {} \tag #'hereb {b} a}
> > {\pushToTag #'herea b! \removeWithTag #'hereb \var}
> I'd write
> var = {a \tag #'herea {\tag #'hereb {b}} a}
> instead since it makes the relations a bit clearer.

Yes.... but nesting things it's something I avoid if I can.
Working with nested thing is more difficult, you have to keep in your mind
where you are while you write/read.... In a sequence you can, in some
sence, forgot where you are.

> Though I am not
> completely sure whether \removeWithTag is not coded in a way where it
> will ripple through the then empty sequential expression so that you'd
> need to first do the \pushToTag (namely write it second).

Let me avoid to think also to this :)
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