I know that LilyPond often has several different ways to accomplish a task, but I was hoping to get some feedback on how to approach this situation...

Here is my project in a nutshell:

It's a pretty simple worksheet/chamber music score with minimal markings and really nothing fancy as far as notation goes. I have no manual changes to layout and spacing throughout the entire score. Assuming that I do not wish to adjust the spacing between staves/systems at a global level for the entire score - but only on *one *page in a single instance - between *one *specific set of staves, how should I proceed?


What is the easiest way to simply add some 'generic' padding between one staff and the one below it, without adjusting any other spacing and layouts on any of the other pages? The equivalent in other programs would be just selecting a single staff and dragging it down just a hair, but it only affects that system/staff/page at most.

I have never really needed something like this in LilyPond until now, and it seems like it could be handy for me moving forward :)

Usually when I have markup in a staff and I want to add bottom-padding relating to that staff, I just add some pad-around/raise etc which always works great at bumping the lower staff away from the markup a bit.  But, this is a very simple score without dynamics or markings so that won't work.

I was curious about the pros/cons of approaching this...thank you!


%%%% Example
\version "2.19.81"

  \new Staff  {
    \repeat unfold 40 { c''1 }
   % Let's say I'd like to add some extra padding between these staves so the D/A have more room, without impacting other pages.
    \repeat unfold 100 { c''1 }


  \new Staff {
   \repeat unfold 40 { c''1 }
  \repeat unfold 100 { c''1 }


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