Le samedi 13 mai 2023 à 23:56 +0200, Volodymyr Prokopyuk a écrit :
> Hi Jean,
> I think you have found the solution! You mentioned that Ghostscript provides 
> the default font. Ghostscript is not installed in my new system as I thought 
> that it is not necessary as I use the Cairo
> backend. I did see the warning in the configure script about the 
> recommendation of installing the Ghostscript, but I ignored it. Maybe it 
> makes sense to set Ghostscript as a required dependency.
> Tomorrow I'll install Ghostscript, rebuild Lilypond and let you know the 
> outcome.
> Thank you very much for your tireless and very professional support. I 
> sincerely appreciate it!

Ah, if you build LilyPond from source, that indeed makes sense.

I'm not sure the configure script should really check for the fonts to be 
installed. In the past, it used to do that plus copy them into internal 
directories, but it was removed for good reasons; see
commit 5689c2721530c6ded22b6291ebb06d10adb5bc28. The reasons given in th commit 
message mostly apply to the "installing part", but build system complexity does 
apply to looking for them. Plus, not
checking for them is conceptually correct because LilyPond doesn't need them at 
build time. If you are a distro packager for example, you can very well build 
LilyPond into an environment without the
fonts. They only need to be present at runtime.

By the way, no need to recompile LilyPond after installing Ghostscript.



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