Hi Jean,

I finally managed to find the root cause (the missing gsfonts package) and
fixed the problem! I provide my current working setup for others if they
face similar issues

   - I'm using EndeavourOS with i3wm
   - I successfully build Lilypond v2.25.4 from source with the following
   - From the lilypond2.25.4/build directory I execute
      - ../autogen.sh --noconfigure
      - ../configure --prefix=$HOME/.lilypond --disable-documentation \
   - The explicitly installed minimal dependencies are yay -S ghostscript
   gsfonts fontforge t1utils texlive-langcyrillic
   - The missing gsfonts package was the root cause of the issue

By the way, what font from the gsfonts package does Lilypond use as a
default font? The cryptic names of the pdffonts do not help with finding
out the name of the default font.

Thank you, Jean, and have a great day!

On Sun, May 14, 2023 at 12:43 AM Jean Abou Samra <j...@abou-samra.fr> wrote:

> Le samedi 13 mai 2023 à 23:56 +0200, Volodymyr Prokopyuk a écrit :
> Hi Jean,
> I think you have found the solution! You mentioned that Ghostscript
> provides the default font. Ghostscript is not installed in my new system as
> I thought that it is not necessary as I use the Cairo backend. I did see
> the warning in the configure script about the recommendation of installing
> the Ghostscript, but I ignored it. Maybe it makes sense to set Ghostscript
> as a required dependency.
> Tomorrow I'll install Ghostscript, rebuild Lilypond and let you know the
> outcome.
> Thank you very much for your tireless and very professional support. I
> sincerely appreciate it!
> Ah, if you build LilyPond from source, that indeed makes sense.
> I'm not sure the configure script should really check for the fonts to be
> installed. In the past, it used to do that plus copy them into internal
> directories, but it was removed for good reasons; see commit
> 5689c2721530c6ded22b6291ebb06d10adb5bc28. The reasons given in th commit
> message mostly apply to the "installing part", but build system complexity
> does apply to looking for them. Plus, not checking for them is conceptually
> correct because LilyPond doesn't need them at build time. If you are a
> distro packager for example, you can very well build LilyPond into an
> environment without the fonts. They only need to be present at runtime.
> By the way, no need to recompile LilyPond after installing Ghostscript.
> Best,
> Jean

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