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> Interesting things, which you might find useful even if you don't intend
> to do it right now, are here, the rest will be sent to shlomif personally.

Orr, your E-mail is very informative. Thank you.

> > My questions is: what does the Technion thinks about it? Can I give them?
> > Can I post ads on Technion boards? Do I need to give a percentage of the
> > moeny to the Technion? Etc.
> A) There is "Hayechida Lekidom Studentim". You become a Chonech, who gives
> private lessons for the students who need them (they were in Milluim, ill,
> just need help, etc.). The payment is 42 NIS/hour AFAIK, even though it
> might have changed. They look for good private tutors in various courses
> (the unit is Technion-oriented).

I know of it and it is quite acceptable. It gets out of my student's
tuition which my parents pay for, but is still good.

Note that there are many courses I feel I can be a good Chonech in, and I
did not officially take, so I'm not sure they'll allow me. In any case
registering can do no harm because in the worst case I can tell my student
that I don't have time for it.

Now I cannot be a chonech because I don't pay a tuition as I have a
semester off. I was thinking of being an independant tutor but maybe it
will work better around TAU (which is a walk away from my parents' house)

> B) Posting ads in the technion is officially prohibited. Even though, I
> must admit that this official restriction is never to be forced. There are
> few desingated areas for such ads, but all in all, everybody put their ads
> everywhere.

OK. So I guess I'll stretch the rules a bit. I'm not going to put too many
ads, but some here and there occasionally and put it in places where
there are already some Apartment Wanted/etc. ads.

> >
> > I know what the Income Tax people think. I fully intend to report what I
> > earn because I'd rather earn less and be free of government-hassles, that
> > get more and risk being declared "a criminal". I despise the concept of
> > the Income Revenue Tax as much as the next guy, but I have more important
> > motives in life than becoming filthy rich. I could use some tips in
> > managing my money.
> You need to go to IRS and VAT (yes, VAT also) and declare your intenetion.
> You will open an account there (TIK).
> If you intend to give lessons only to people, and not through companies,
> etc. and you believe you won't make more than some threshold (which I
> think is 60,000NIS/year), then you can open "Osek PAtor". Then you don't
> pay VAT (as long as your income is less than thershold). Otherwise, you
> open an "Osek Morshe" and then you have to pay VAT, IRS, etc.
> Don't forget to check Bituach Leumi.

OK, thanks for the info.


        Shlomi Fish

> Orr.

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