On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Adir Abraham wrote:

> On Fri, 17 Jan 2003, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> > My questions is: what does the Technion thinks about it? Can I give them?
> > Can I post ads on Technion boards? Do I need to give a percentage of the
> > moeny to the Technion? Etc.
> Asat has some post rules, if I am not mistaken. They have a big paper
> where they advertise all the people who want to buy or sell stuff, and
> over there you can check the chapter of private lessons. It should cost
> around 10 NIS for a student, also many don't really care about this, and
> hang their own private ads. As for giving a "percentage" (maaser) to the
> Technion - not really. The Technion would never dare to take money from
> the students, for giving private lessons, and it likes the fact that its
> students give private lessons (it helps the reputation, after all).

OK. Again - very useful information. Thanks.

> >
> > I know what the Income Tax people think. I fully intend to report what I
> > earn because I'd rather earn less and be free of government-hassles, that
> > get more and risk being declared "a criminal". I despise the concept of
> > the Income Revenue Tax as much as the next guy, but I have more important
> > motives in life than becoming filthy rich. I could use some tips in
> > managing my money.
> Incoming tax won't mind about it. It is "pichifkes", unless you are a big
> famous honech who gives 200 hours a month. Once you are famous, also IRS
> will start watching you ;) But till that happens - you shouldn't worry
> about this, and tax won't look at you.


> > [1] - Please don't give me the lecture about how I should do it for people
> > for free. First of all, I'll still help people for free if they run into
> Hey, Shlomi.. Nobody asked you to WORK for free... (and you don't need to
> say how sorry you are about this either).

Naturally, but some people have the "we'll have to tutor people for free
to promote Linux" stigma. And I think that free-beer can work for software
and documentation where the production costs are zero, but not for
actually spending time instructing people. (Time == Money)


        Shlomi Fish

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