Hi all

r2l 0.9.5 is in the usual place:

Changes are mainly administrative:

* biditext script should now be correct (preserve an existing LD_PRELOAD,
  and work with any /bin/sh)

* configure script avoids unnecessary scary messages and looks a bit

* refreshd is given correct parametrs for building (at least on linux and

However, I noticed today (today, not yesterday) that refreshd does not run
on solaris: the forked process executes.

As a side note: when writing the configure script I downloaded two
autoconf macros from the autoconf tests archive: one for checking for gnu
make, and the other - to check for -config files.

It turns out that those two modules were not well written (e.g: not
crossplatform shell code). I had to rewite parts of them. With standard
autoconf macros I haven't had such problems.

Before 1.0 (unless anything unexpected comes):

* test this on a couple of other linux computers
* make refreshd run nicely on solaris

(I don't insist on solaris for nothing: I currently have no bidi-enabled
browser for solaris: I couldn't get the Hebrew fonts of IE5 working
properly, even if it does have bidi, and standard versions of
mozilla/netscape for solaris don't include bidi)

Note that if you build this with latest version of fribidi, then
fribidi-config may give an incorrect --cflags flag. instead of
-I<prefix>/include it gives -I<prefix>/include/fribidi (will probably be
fixed in 0.10.1). I couldn't think of a simple workaround in the configure
script. So your possible workarounds:

* edit fribidi-config and change the path there
* make a symlink from include/fribidi/fribidi to itself:
  ln -s . <prefix>/include/fribidi/fribidi


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