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Below is the announcement

The Haifa Linux Club is happy to announce version 1.0 of R2L

Q: What is R2L?

A: R2L is a package which contains biditext, along with a couple of
   accessory programs.

Q: What is biditext?

A: biditext is a library that adds a degree of bidirectional (bidi)
   support to any X program. This means that an X program that is run
   under biditext will display hebrew text properly, and not "reversed".

Q: What else is in the package?

A: The package also includes:

    * r2l programs (r2l, r2lgnomeapplet, r2ldockapp, r2lterminal, r2ltcl).
      Those programs control the behaviour of runing copies of the
      biditext libraries (e.g: allow you to disable biditext temporarily
      if it confuses you).
    * refreshd: Whenever an r2l program enables or diables biditext, the
      changes are only visible when that window gets refreshed. refreshd
      (Refresh Daemon) refreshes the relevant windows automatically.
    * r2llib: The library that provides the interface used by biditext and
      r2l clients. Useful if you want to write your own r2l program.

Q: Is it free?

A: Of course. r2l is available under the terms of the GNU (L)GPL. You are
   free to use, redistribute, modify, and whatever. See the README file
   for the gory details.

Q: Where can I get it from?

A: http://www.technion.ac.il/~tzafrir/R2L/

   See this page for the tarball, as well as RPM packages (use rpm -tb to
   build them from the tarball)

   biditext requires the library fribidi, which can be found at

Tzafrir Cohen

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