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My name is Jiandong Zheng and am working on a few ARM specific projects. I have been using Linaro toolchain coming with Ubuntu to do Cortext-A9 building. I also need to maintain code for old ARM11 SoC so that Linaro toolchain is my preference and it did the job well back in Maverick days if I remember correctly.

However, in Precise, I have troubles running this ARM11 u-boot and kernel built with Linaro toolchain, eventually I found that my old gcc 4.3.2 toolchain can still build workable u-boot and kernel so that Linaro toolchain (gcc 4.6.2) seems the problem. I understand that Linaro's focus has been ARMv7 or above but I am wondering if its toolchain can still be used for older ARM architectures.

Sorry, but no, the *binary* toolchains are configured for ARMv7, and even if you pass the "-march=armv6" flag that doesn't change the configuration of libgcc and the other precompiled bit-and-bobs that get linked in.

If you build your own compiler from the Linaro sources then you can program it with any options you like. We test that ARMv5 works, so it's likely that ARMv6 will be fine (probably).


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