> There is only one doubt that comes in my mind from the below message  
> sent from Tom Higgins, I have updated the Director application to  
> 10.1 (at least it what the about Director windows says), is there  
> also the 10.1.0r11 version.

The latest update for authoring and Shockwave is version 10.1.0r11, you
can verify this in the Message window:

put _system.environmentPropList.productVersion
-- "10.1"
put _system.environmentPropList.productBuildVersion
-- "11"

But in saying that I'll mention that the only "10.1" update we've
released has been 10.1.0r11 so if you see "10.1" in the About movie then
you've got 10.1.0r11 (the initial MX'04 release was 10.0.0r188, then we
did an update to 10.0.0r210 and lastly we did a dot-release that updated
folks to 10.1.0r11). But for reference, you can always look for
application updaters in the Director Support Center:


I'm still puzzled as to why you're crashing at all in this case. Is
anyone else having this issue? Does this issue occur for you (Teo) on a
different machine?

Tom Higgins | Product Manager | Director & the Shockwave Player
Adobe Systems Incorporated



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