> On 20 Sep 2016, at 11:35 AM, Bernard Robertson-Dunn <> 
> wrote:
> FTTH would have no big street box requiring maintenance, no
> environmentally bad batteries, no electronics with very limited upgrade
> options......

… no huge power overheads and costs - with the attendant vulnerabilities that 
confers on the street boxen, maximum scalability and performance ‘out of the 
box’, less vulnerability to environmental (weather, flood, storm, lightning, 
fire, etc) and accidental (car prangs, service/maintenance accidents etc) 
variables, etc. etc. etc.

And, as you say, Ley regards it as a major triumph.

Which it was, I suppose … a triumph of politics and ideology over technical, 
physical, scientific advice, and common sense. It’s what happens when you mix 
Church and State.

Just my 2 cents worth …
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