They’ll also be useful places to tie your car to in a flood. You can’t do that 
with you FTTH!!

"new digital error” maybe?

Well, we’ve had some 1st world problems in our hose with faulty copper 
delivering 20% of its ADSL2+ capacity its whole 800m distance from an inner 
urban melbourne exchange.
so … what a lovely game …
<commence rant>
ISP help desk - its broken
network technician (never seen, never heard) - its fixed (not)
ISP - its broken but we have to send a tech
ISP tech arrives, requires leaving work early and working from home on 
sub-sub-optimal connection, (ahhh how I missed my 56kb dial up … I digress) - 
its broken
network tech - another morning ‘working’ from home - inside, its broken - 
outside pit, its broken - next pit down stream, its broken - its fixed “check 
you have internet now bloke”, I turn my back, he’s gone - its broken
ISP - its broken
ISP technician - validates its broken
network tech - booked … “oh and some one will need to be there “...
 (not holding my breath while fending off teenagers whose umbilical has been 
rudely severed)

Digressing again - In a previous incarnation I lived in the tropics and every 
December with start of the (proper) wet season our line was off, for at least 
10 days so until the wall socket was replaced. Telstra found it more amusing to 
replace it 10 wet seasons in a row rather than refigure it. Now that’s a vision 
for infrastructure … at least now the FTTH NBN got there before the rest of it 
was Malcomised

<rant continues>
so the network technican in addition to sharing his insights on our immigration 
policy and 457 visas was really happy the current MrNBN, he’s got work until 
his super is ready, another 20+ years - I’m pretty sure his name was Joobson 
Grewth, but that might’ve been him in the photo but I’m probably wrong

Having lived and worked remotely I am so glad this process that within 4km of 
the CBD only began in early August and continues..
So, please Honourable Ley, please show me 

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> And Sussan Ley is trumpeting this as a success.
> FTTH would have no big street box requiring maintenance, no
> environmentally bad batteries, no electronics with very limited upgrade
> options......
> I guess it creates employment.
> Politics trumps everything, until reality hits home.
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