On Monday 07 August 2017 at 10:37 Frank O'Connor wrote:

> Seems like another application of the old saying that ‘just because you can 
> do something, doesn’t mean you should do something.’
> [...]
> And the blokes who come up with all these useless drone ideas are paid how 
> much for adding such little value to the lives of so many?

The gadget-ridden world they're trying to inflict on us is a result of a 
value-free corporate world where wisdom & responsibility are out of scope.

And while Google at al are throwing away money on their drone fantasies, 
poverty in the U.S. is growing.  According to Wikipedia at 
Recent census data shows that half the population qualifies as poor or low 
income,[13] with one in five Millennials living in poverty.[14]  Academic 
contributors to The Routledge Handbook of Poverty in the United States 
postulate that new and extreme forms of poverty have emerged in the U.S. as a 
result of neoliberal structural adjustment policies and globalization, which 
have rendered economically marginalized communities as destitute "surplus 
populations" in need of control and punishment.[15]

Nothing could better illustrate an unstable society heading for big trouble.

Nor is Australia free of this dynamic.

> ..at least one [eagle] of whom managed to bring down a drone that annoyed it 
> recently.

More power to his wings!

David L.

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