On Friday, 2 February 2018 17:28:36 AEDT JanW wrote:
> IView worked straight away in Chrome.

I read somewhere that Chrome has done a deal with Adobe involving Flash, which 
is possibly why it works for you using Chrome but is so abysmally slow for me 
using the Flash package in my Linux distribution.  Even Adobe have stated that 
Flash's days are numbered.

The reason the "plugin" API is to be removed from Firefox (and other packages) 
is that HTML5 is seen to do pretty much everything now so plugins are no longer 
needed and the support issue will be easier without them.  But it will take 
time, and something of an exception has been made for Flash; all other plugins 
beginning with Firefox 52.x will have to be interactively authorised each time 
they're run.


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