On 9/21/2016 3:33 AM, Sandrine wrote:
> Hello Anthony,
> This slight behavior change in version 3.10 was planned.
> After thinking this through, we thought that this is the same thing as
> putting a "do not disturb sign" on 
> your doorknob : it does not prevent people from actually knocking on
> your door.
> Therefore, blocking incoming calls when using this status might have
> been a bit too harsh.
> This led us to change the status "Do not disturb": it is now informative
> and does not block 
> incoming calls.
> Kind regards,
> Sandrine Avakian
> Software Engineer
> www.belledonne-communications.com <http://www.belledonne-communications.com>
>> Le 17 sept. 2016 à 01:32, Anthony Papillion <anth...@cajuntechie.org
>> <mailto:anth...@cajuntechie.org>> a écrit :
>> OS:       Windows 8.1
>> Linphone: 3.10.2
>> In version 3.9.1, placing myself in "Do Not Disturb" mode prevents
>> incoming calls from ringing and sends them directly to voicemail.
>> However, in 3.10.2, placing myself that same mode does not. Calls come
>> in as usual.
>> Is this a regression or planned behavior?
>> Anthony

Wow!! That's a pity! This means that we must now go off-line in order to
have calls go to Voicemail? There have been too many times when I get a
wrong number at 3AM or another Linphone user with the attitude "I see
he's marked Do Not Disturb but surely he can't mean me!". By taking
Linphone offline this means we can't make outgoing calls until we go
back online, We can't see our contacts "presence" until we go back online.

I feel that the way "Do Not Disturb" feature operates in 3.9.1 works the
way "Do Not Disturb" is supposed to work. It allows one to have a
modicum of peace and quiet without having to take the even more harsh
step of going offline completely.

I guess I will be sticking with 3.9.1.

John Perry

John Perry

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