>>> On 3/2/2018 at 12:53 PM, Dave Myers <dave.my...@siriuscom.com> wrote: 
> This is a SLES12 question.
> I extended an LVM and DID NOT run the dasd_configure command.
> Extend is fine, but now I'm wondering if my changes will survive a boot ??
> What does dasd_configure do, and is it too late now to run that command to 
> harden changes??
> If so, how do I make sure my LVM extend will be OK after next boot ??

Is the root file system part of the VG? If so, simply running dasd_configure 
now will not be sufficient. You will also have to update the initrd that you 
will be using.  The command to do that is dracut, see man 8 dracut for that.  
SUSE also provides a compatibility wrapper for dracut that takes the place of 
the old mkinitrd command.  You can check the results by using the lsinitrd 
command to see if the udev rule for the new DASD volume is present.

For those that don't want to develop a detailed checklist/process document for 
doing things like this, this is why SUSE has YaST.  We try very hard to ensure 
that system administrators that use YaST get the results they expect without 
having to know all the nitty gritty low-level details.  Those that have a 
handle on those details, are free not to use YaST, of course.

Mark Post

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