You also have the option to simplify, to connect directly to Db2 for z/OS
if you wish. Connecting via the Db2 Connect gateway/server is quite
optional; you don't actually need to get it working. :-) Db2 Connect
*licensing* is still required.

If you follow the direct/simpler path, then you'd most likely install the
latest IBM Data Server Client or Client Runtime for Linux on Z and
LinuxONE, available for download here:

Specific PHP setup instructions for the Client are available here:

You'd also make sure that there's a Db2 Connect license key activated
on/for the Db2 for z/OS subsystem, using the db2connectactivate (.sh)
command. Details are available here for Db2 Connect Unlimited Edition, for

I've provided the direct documentation links for Version 11.1 of the IBM
Data Server Client and Db2 Connect. (Version 11.1 Data Server Client and
Db2 Connect are compatible with Db2 for z/OS Version 12, too.) Adjust the
release levels if you need to, but the latest releases would be great, to
avoid bumping into possible past/known problems that have already been

As yet another option, you should be able to run your PHP programs directly
on z/OS. PHP for z/OS is available for download from Rocket Software here:

Optional support is also available from Rocket Software. The PHP version
currently available for download is Version 5.4.4, but I believe you can
request a later beta version (PHP 7.something) from Rocket. Version 5.4.4
for z/OS, at least, can connect to Db2 for z/OS. Db2 Connect licensing is
not required when your PHP programs run on z/OS.

Timothy Sipples
IT Architect Executive, Industry Solutions, IBM Z & LinuxONE,

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