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SUSE has announced the release of the second quarterly update (QU1)
images of SLES15 SP3.

Quarterly Updates are refreshed ISOs based on GA and contain the last
released updates. These updated ISOs are released every 3 months.

While s390x is most likely the architecture of interest for this
audience, we provide ISOs for all our supported architectures (x86_64,
s390x, aarch64, & ppcle64), and for Vagrant boxes, and for JeOS (KVM and
Xen, VMware, HyperV, OpenStack Cloud, Xen,). (JeOS = Just enough of an
Operating System, pronounced as "juice.")

To access this update, go to  Make
sure the following two items are selected:
- Under "Stable Releases": 15 SP3
- Under "Architecture": Z Systems

Then scroll down and click on the link in the text on the right below
the "Download" buttons:
"Please login to SUSE Customer Center[1] for the latest installer
images, update channels and your evaluation subscription details."

After that, the entire page will look differently, because you're now
accessing the SCC downloads. Scroll down and you'll see download links for:
SLE-15-SP3-Full-s390x-QU1-Media1.iso and
SLE-15-SP3-Full-s390x-QU1-Media2.iso. The Media2 image only contains
source, so it will not be needed to perform an install.

As the file names indicate, these are the "full" ISOs and can be used to
perform brand-new installations or upgrades.

Scroll further down and you'll also see:
SLE-15-SP3-Online-s390x-QU1-Media1.iso and
SLE-15-SP3-Online-s390x-QU1-Media2.iso. The Media2 image only contains
source, so it will not be needed to perform an install.

These are the "online" version of the install media. That means to
perform a brand new installation, you'll need to either access the SUSE
repositories for all the packages that have not been updated, or a local
mirror of the packages, such as provided by SMT (Subscription Management
Tool), RMT (Repository Mirroring Tool), or SUSE Manager.

Mark Post

1. You must create an account to access the SUSE Customer Center, or
SCC. There is no cost associated with creating an account, and I've
never experienced any spam from SUSE directed at this account. If you
do, please let me know.

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