On Fri, 2018-02-02 at 15:08 +0100, Roman Pen wrote:
> o Simple configuration of IBNBD:
>    - Server side is completely passive: volumes do not need to be
>      explicitly exported.

That sounds like a security hole? I think the ability to configure whether or
not an initiator is allowed to log in is essential and also which volumes an
initiator has access to.

>    - Only IB port GID and device path needed on client side to map
>      a block device.

I think IP addressing is preferred over GID addressing in RoCE networks.
Additionally, have you noticed that GUID configuration support has been added
to the upstream ib_srpt driver? Using GIDs has a very important disadvantage,
namely that at least in IB networks the prefix will change if the subnet
manager is reconfigured. Additionally, in IB networks it may happen that the
target driver is loaded and configured before the GID has been assigned to
all RDMA ports.



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