freek.dijks...@sara.nl (Freek Dijkstra) writes:
> [...]
> Here are the exact settings:
> ~# mkfs.btrfs -d raid0 /dev/sdd /dev/sde /dev/sdf /dev/sdg \
>      /dev/sdh /dev/sdi /dev/sdj /dev/sdk /dev/sdl /dev/sdm \
>      /dev/sdn /dev/sdo /dev/sdp /dev/sdq /dev/sdr /dev/sds
> nodesize 4096 leafsize 4096 sectorsize 4096 size 2.33TB
> Btrfs Btrfs v0.19

Don't you need to stripe metadata too (with -m raid0)?  Or you may
be limited by your metadata drive?

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