After upgrading to kernel 3.17 btrfs send has stopped working.

ERROR: send ioctl failed with -5: Input/output error

The following message is printed by kernel:

[75322.782197] BTRFS error (device sda2): did not find backref in
send_root. inode=461, offset=0, disk_byte=1094713344 found extent=1094713344

btrfs inspect-internal inode-resolve -v 461 /u00/root.snapshot returns:


After removing this file, the error moves on to another file.

btrfs scrub output:

scrub status for bc31b068-2c36-4ff2-ac5c-7ce55af5371d
    scrub started at Mon Oct  6 19:49:25 2014 and finished after 1748
    total bytes scrubbed: 94.21GiB with 0 errors

Other then the btrfs send problem, the filesystem works normally.

Is this a bug in btrfs-send or is my filesystem corrupted and should be
restored from backup ?

Please tell me if I can do anything else to help debugging this issue.

Thanks in advance,
David Arendt
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