On 09/22/2016 01:06 PM, Ronan Arraes Jardim Chagas wrote:
Hi Josef,

Em qui, 2016-09-22 às 10:39 -0400, Josef Bacik escreveu:
This is what fixed it.  I thought it was in 4.7 which is why I
started paying
attention, but I guess I was wrong.  Glad your problem is
resolved.  Thanks,

Do you have any explanations why the problem solved by the patch was
causing me the ENOSPC? Also, is it necessary to format my partition or
should I consider it good for use after the installation of the new

That patch fixed a problem where we would screw up the ENOSPC accounting, and would slowly leak space into one of the counters. So eventually (or often in your case) you'd hit ENOSPC, but have plenty of space available. If you unmounted and mounted again, or simply rebooted, everything would have been fine. You can still use the fs, the accounting is purely in memory so it's not like your FS is permanently screwed. Thanks,


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