> So 4.10 isn't /too/ far out of range yet, but I'd strongly consider 
> upgrading (or downgrading to 4.9 LTS) as soon as it's reasonably 
> convenient, before 4.13 in any case.  Unless you prefer to go the 
> distro support route, of course.

I used to stick to latest kernels back when btrfs wasn't as stable and
there were frequently important bug fixes. Nowadays I had no problems
since such a long time, that I forgot to change the kernel after
upgrading the distro. Besides, I thought RAID-1 was stable years ago
(except the degraded mount issue).

Anyway, after I took care of bad blocks by remapping them, scrub fixed
all corruptions without any problems. Fsck comes out clean and
everything seems fine.
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