+       local nr
+       local mnt_opt=""
+       nr=`_scratch_mount_options | awk '{print NF}'`
+       if [ $nr -eq 4 ]; then

Seems this only works with "scratch_mount_options" returns something

"-o opt dev mnt" or "-o opt1,opt2 dev mnt"

but not

"-oopt dev mnt" nor
"-o opt1 -o opt2 dev mnt" nor if $SELINUX_MOUNT_OPTIONS not empty.

Also if MOUNT_OPTIONS is "-oopt1 -oopt2", mount_opt_minus_args would
return something like "-o -oopt2,device=<dev>", which are not valid
mount options.

 Oh. Yes. This function is getting complicated. I have dropped this
 function in v3 which is kind of much better.

+# Test if the mount fails if the primary superblock csum is corrupted.
+       local bytenr=65536
+       echo -e "\\ncheck_primary\\n" | tee -a $seqres.full
+       wipe
+       _scratch_pool_mkfs "-mraid1 -draid1"
+       _reload_fs_module "btrfs"
+       #corrupt bytenr DEV_BAD
+       od -j$bytenr -N1 -An -x $DEV_BAD |\
+               dd status=none of=$DEV_BAD ibs=1 obs=1 seek=$bytenr count=1 
+       #must fail
+       _mount `mount_opt_minus_args device=$DEV_GOOD` $DEV_BAD $SCRATCH_MNT 
2>&1 |\
+             _filter_error_mount

If I read the code correctly, the purpose of mount_opt_minus_args is to
remove the device and mount point mount arguments and keep other options
if there's any, then append "-o device=<dev>" as mount options.

If so, I think you could use "_common_dev_mount_options", e.g.

        _mount `_common_dev_mount_options -o device=$DEV_GOOD` $DEV_BAD 

But do mount options really matter in this test? Could we just mount
with "-o device=<dev>"?

 In fact for this test it doesn't matter, yes we could just use
 "-o device=<dev>". But I thought its xfstests rule that it must be
 used. Anyway in V3, I am changing the device itself on which
 corrupted-SB would reside, so now we can let the default _scratch_mount
 do its job as usual. Which means it shall use the config mount options.
 V3 is in the ML for the review.

Thanks, Anand


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