--- Chuck Mead <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > Is there a business plan for LPI?  
> Some what... but not good enough yet, in my view.
> We're so focused on getting
> the 1st level of exams out that it's been difficult
> to do.

Why has this not been made public?  Don't the people
that work hard in these groups deserve to know what
the LPI is planing on doing?

> > What are estimated expenses (fixed and variable)?
> We have a very thorough budget for the development
> phase.

Again,  will this be made public?  

> My guess right now is 30% LPI, 70% to the proctoring
> company. Our lawyer is
> looking at the contracts.

Do we not have a signed agreement with VUE yet?
Just a few questions that probably need to be answered
if everyone is going to be on the same page with these


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