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> When you talk of LPI certification for courseware, we do, of course, 
> some interest.  There is, however, one aspect to this that I don't
> understand, yet.  Are you looking to certify:
> 1) Courseware which is being offered as a product in its own right, or
> 2) Courseware used in the teaching of classes.

IMO, the LPI certs should be done for both, whether we arrive at the 
decision to do these two categories separately or under a single 
heading of "courseware".

> Adding vi to our course is not something we want to do.  We would 
rather be
> teaching our students how to set up firewalls and other fun things 
> that.  Does that mean our courseware would not be eligible for
> certification?

I should mention that I'm Novell CNI, so I understand your desire to 
focus on "fun" things and issues that might be more pressing to most 
students, such as the firewall example. However, there is an issue of 
certification tests covering materials that were not covered in 
courseware or classes. I can also say that when Novell changed their 
curriculum late last year, reflecting the NetWare 5 material, they 
completely revised several classes. One of them had two days worth of 
material that was NOT covered in class, although it was included in 
the student kits. Another class had material in the test that not only 
wasn't covered in the course, it was not even in the courseware! The 
students had to download a series of white papers from Novell's site, 
and self-study them.

If your course doesn't cover vi, then it could probably suffice to 
state clearly that understanding of vi is a prerequisite. I would 
point out to you, however, that we ARE going to see an increase in 
people who want to learn Linux who come from strictly MS/Novell 
backgrounds, like myself. I'd never seen vi before I installed my 
first Linux machine. If your courseware doesn't provide that 
instruction, where does a prospective student go to get it? Self-study 
to be sure, but remember: someone else's course that covers ALL the 
basics might well be more attractive to that student.

In the end, my opinion is that courseware that is certified to prepare 
a student for a certification test should cover all the material that 
will be on that test. At the very least, an overview of the material 
(vi, in this case) should be in the course. My $.02.

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