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> I have said this before, but it bears repeating:  Take a look at the model
> used by the Project Management Institute (www.pmi.org) for Project
> Management Professional certification.  They have developed and published a
> standard as contained in their Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)
> available from their web site.

  I took a quick look, but didn't learn very much.  Could you please be
more specific to what we should learn or copy from them?  I see they will
give you a certificate for being a Project Manager.  I couldn't locate the
PMBOK you mention.

> PMI builds and administers the
> certification process and provides materials to assist in the training
> process, but they do not dictate the training curriculum or methods.  The
> marketplace screens the quality of the training.  The word gets around.
> Vendors who do a poor job of preparing people for the profession (not just
> the exam!) do not get repeat business.  How does someone locate a competent
> training provider?  They ask others who have been there -- exactly the kind
> of interaction a professional network is supposed to encourage.
> I have made contact with the PMI leadership and am looking for an
> opportunity to sit down with them in a benchmarking session.  I will share
> the results of their experience with the group.

  Yes please let us know.

> For those who would favor approving each vendor's program, what would LPI
> do if a vendor who did not have an LPI-approved curriculum used the
> following words in their marketing material:  "We teach to the LPI
> standard"?

  Sue them? LPI, LPIC will be trademarked etc.


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