On 13/09/16 15:38, Herbert Xu wrote:
On Thu, Aug 04, 2016 at 01:28:35PM +0300, Tero Kristo wrote:

This revision took quite a bit time to craft due to the rework needed
for sham buffer handling and export/import. I ended up implementing
a flush functionality for draining out the sham buffer when doing
export/import; just shrinking the buffer to sufficiently small size
impacted the performance with small data chunks too much so I dropped
this approach.

The series also fixes a couple of existing issues with omap2/omap3
hardware acceleration, I ran a full boot test / crypto manager
test suite on all boards accessible to me now.

Based on top of latest mainline, which is somewhere before 4.8-rc1
as of writing this, I am unable to rebase the series during the next
three weeks so wanted to get this out now. Targeted for 4.9 merge
window, some fixes could be picked up earlier though if needed.

I have applied patches 1,4-5,7-11.  Some of them didn't apply
cleanly so please check the result in my tree.


Thanks Herbert,

I just gave a trial for your branch, and seems to be working for me. Also checked the patches you applied and they seem fine also.

I have also a new version of the sha buffer handling and export/import available now, but need to cleanup it quite a bit, and figure out how to split the patch properly.

drivers/crypto/omap-sham.c | 532 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------

... It now uses sg for xmitting data where possible, and avoids the need for a large internal buffer. The buffer size is also now properly configurable, which can be used to overcome the performance issues if needed (this however, requires the max statesize hack within the crypto/ahash.c file, but thats fine.) I'll hopefully post this out maybe tomorrow, but its going to be targeted for 4.10 I believe due to the (ahem, rather) intrusive changes.

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