On 9/22/2016 1:55 PM, Herbert Xu wrote:
> Horia Geanta Neag <horia.gea...@nxp.com> wrote:
>>> +
>>> +static void dbg_dump_sg(const char *level, const char *prefix_str,
>>> +                       int prefix_type, int rowsize, int groupsize,
>>> +                        struct scatterlist *sg, size_t tlen, bool ascii,
>>> +                    bool may_sleep)
>> may_sleep is no longer needed.
> As I've already applied this patch, please send any improvements
> as incremental patches.

I am trying to understand the process here...
Would adding an official maintainer for the driver avoid applying
patches without an ack?
(This is not the first time changes are applied without getting a chance
to comment. OTOH I admit there were also cases when there was absolute


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