Hello Tero Kristo,

This is a semi-automatic email about new static checker warnings.

The patch f19de1bc67a0: "crypto: omap-sham - add support functions 
for sg based data handling" from Sep 19, 2016, leads to the following 
Smatch complaint:

drivers/crypto/omap-sham.c:808 omap_sham_prepare_request()
         warn: variable dereferenced before check 'req' (see line 801)

   800  {
   801          struct omap_sham_reqctx *rctx = ahash_request_ctx(req);
New dereference inside function.

   802          int bs;
   803          int ret;
   804          int nbytes;
   805          bool final = rctx->flags & BIT(FLAGS_FINUP);
   806          int xmit_len, hash_later;
   808          if (!req)
New check is too late.

   809                  return 0;

dan carpenter
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