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> Indeed. From a quick glance, it looks like drivers/crypto/ccree/cc_driver.c
> does not distinguish between the absence of the clock property, and an
> actual error in getting the clock, and never considers any error a failure
> (incl. -PROBE_DEFER).
> As of_clk_get() returns -ENOENT for both a missing clock property and a
> missing clock, you should use (devm_)clk_get() instead, and distinguish
> between NULL (no clock property) and IS_ERR() (actual failure -> abort).

I was trying to do as you suggested but I didn't quite get what is the
dev_id (2nd) parameter to devm_clk_get parameter is supposed to be.

I see what of_clk_get() is doing, so can replicate that but it seems
an over kill.

Any ideas?


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