On 1/7/21 6:58 PM, David Howells wrote:
Tianjia Zhang <tianjia.zh...@linux.alibaba.com> wrote:

On the following call path, `sig->pkey_algo` is not assigned
in asymmetric_key_verify_signature(), which causes runtime
crash in public_key_verify_signature().


This patch simply check this situation and fixes the crash
caused by NULL pointer.

Fixes: 215525639631 ("X.509: support OSCCA SM2-with-SM3 certificate 
Cc: sta...@vger.kernel.org # v5.10+
Reported-by: Tobias Markus <tob...@markus-regensburg.de>
Signed-off-by: Tianjia Zhang <tianjia.zh...@linux.alibaba.com>

Looks reasonable:

Acked-by: David Howells <dhowe...@redhat.com>

I wonder, though, if cert_sig_digest_update() should be obtained by some sort
of function pointer.  It doesn't really seem to belong in this file.  But this
is a separate issue.


Yes, this is indeed the logic of the SM2 module. I have tried to dynamically load and obtain the pointer of this function through `request_module` before, but this method still does not seem very suitable. Here are some unfinished codes I tried before:


It would be great if you have some good experience to share with me, I will continue to try to optimize this code.

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