On Tue, Jan 26, 2021 at 05:58:30PM +0100, Uwe Kleine-König wrote:
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> Hello,
> Changes since v2 sent with Message-Id:
> 20201124133139.3072124-1-...@kleine-koenig.org:
>  - Rebase to v5.11-rc1 (which resulted in a few conflicts in
>    drivers/hwtracing).
>  - Add various Acks.
>  - Send to more maintainers directly (which I think is one of the
>    reasons why there are so few Acks).
> For my taste patch 4 needs some more acks (drivers/char/hw_random,
> drivers/dma, drivers/gpu/drm/pl111, drivers/i2c, drivers/mmc,
> drivers/vfio, drivers/watchdog and sound/arm have no maintainer feedback
> yet).
> My suggestion is to let this series go in via Russell King (who cares
> for amba). Once enough Acks are there I can also provide a tag for
> merging into different trees. Just tell me if you prefer this solution.
> Would be great if this could make it for v5.12, but I'm aware it's
> already late in the v5.11 cycle so it might have to wait for v5.13.

I think you need to have a 6th patch which moves the
probe/remove/shutdown methods into the bus_type - if you're setting
them for every struct device_driver, then there's no point doing that
and they may as well be in the bus_type.

Apart from that, it looks good.

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